softtypeThe soft type wouldn't cause damages to the main product.
Suitable for Perishables and confectioneries. The anti-condensation type is also available.
This product is reusable and available in various sizes.
※PB manufacture is possible.

Outstanding cooling feature of
Ice Japan Ice Packs

Measurement of the surface temperature of the ice pack after it was stored
in a 5800cc Styrofoam box after being frozen for 12 hours at -25℃ in a
freezer, (The outside temperature 30℃)


※The figures are typical measured values at our company, not the values for guaranteeing.
※The figures may differ depending on the outside temperature and the usages.


Principal Uses
Department Store, Cash Desk at Supermarket, Take Away at Pastry Shops
Principal Uses
For Agroindustry, Stockbreeding and Fisheries

●Agroindustry (Agricultural Cooperative:Asparagus, Bamboo Shoot, Cherry, Nameko Mushroom, Natto Beans etc.)
●Stockbreeding (Ham Manufacturer, Food Processing Sector)
●Fisheries (Fishermen’s Cooperative: Scallop, Globefish, Marine Product Processing Industry)

Principal Uses

Low cost and economical. Various sizes are available. High quality rayon sheeted type.

Dew condensation prevention and water leakage prevention.