CHILLTAINHeat Storing Type

chilltain-listChoose a temperature from -74℃ to 50℃  to suit your specific cooling needs.

Chilltain can be customized according to its use, and can be made in different
temperatures starting from  -74℃ up to 50℃ in increments of 2℃.
It keeps the temperature of your choice and rarely generates gasses.
Also, since it's reusable no matter what temperature, it's very economical.
We can also custom-make blow-type hard-type chilltain ice packs.
These are bought made-to-order.
Please feel free to contact us about detailed information such as
quantities, size, inner capacity, etc.

Where our CHILLTAIN is used


5℃ Cells
22℃ Plasma
33〜36℃ IPS Cells


-74℃〜50℃ Refrigeration in JAXA Space Station
Keeps food cool for 10 days in the
case of power loss
-18℃〜25℃ Food, Ice Cream
14℃ Wine


In-Home 20℃ In-home air conditioning aid (Ceiling)
30℃ In-home heating (Under-floor)








Used by JAXA/Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
-25℃ Ice Pack Test