We picked up some common questions from our customers. If you have further questions, please fell free to ask us with the contact form.
What are the contents of an ice pack?
The principal ingredient(98%) is water. The remaining is Water-absorbing polymer. Water-absorbing polymer solidifies water. It’s often used for diapers.
How can I throw away ice packs?
Disposal methods differ depending on administrations. Please check with your local authority. It’s usually the same way as diapers.
What should I do if a child accidentally eat an ice pack?
Ice packs are not edible. Please keep them always away from children and pets.Our products don’t contain ethylene glycol, which becomes toxic substance inside bodies. Unless it’s not a huge amount, it’s usually not a problem. However, please check the amount that was taken. It’s advisable to take some water or milk and consult a doctor or other health care professional.
Are the cooling durations of the hard type and the soft type different?
If they are the same size/weight, there is no big difference.
Can I reuse ice packs?
You can reuse the hard types. You cannot reuse the soft type if the package is ripped.
How long is the freezing process?
The principle ingredient is water. Therefore, it takes the same amount of time to freeze water. As an example, you need at least 8 hours to freeze a 500g ice pack in a domestic refrigerator.
How is the cold insulation?
The common ice packs keep 0℃ for a certain time. Therefore, it’s not suitable for frozen food. When a completely frozen 500g ice pack is left in a 30℃ place, it takes approx. 5 hours to defrost. ※The cooling duration may differ depending on the outside temperature and the usages.