P-1000WExcellent cooling performance with anti-condensation function

"CHILLMATES" is produced with an original manufacturing method, laminating a rayon nonwoven fabric in order to improve the durability and the seal efficiency.
A rayon nonwoven fabric has approx.350g/m2 water capacity and absorbs the worst enemy, the condensation. On top of that, rayon enables the retention of water on the surface of the ice pack. As a result, it lengthens the cooling duration.

1. Excellent Cooling Performance
“CHILLMATES” has an approx. 20%(the latent heat 78.2cal/g) longer cooling duration in comparison to typical nylon polyester products.


2. Prevents From The Dewing Water and Absorbs The Drip
It absorbs and keeps the water by use of the characteristic of the rayon nonwoven fabric.


3. Protection From Low Temperature Injuries
It’s unlikely the temperature on the surface goes below 0℃ because of the rayon nonwoven fabric.


4. Prevents Bag Ripping
By laminating nylon polyester with a rayon nonwoven fabric, the result increases the package strength.(750W dead load)


5. No Negative Influence on Contents
It doesn’t generate CO2 and has no negative influence on contents.

Principal Uses
Medication, Cosmetic, Semiconductor, Photographic Film